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Title: Miracles
Fandom: LOST
Rating: Adult ficlet
Starring: Claire and whats-his-ears
Plot: Claire has an unexpected reunion with someone she never thought she'd see again.
Note: I wrote this just after watching the pilot so I realize the timing is all off for it to be plausible but oh, well! This is my only LOST story.

He's above her and, oh, god, the ears, the EARS! The amber 'romantic' lighting of the hotel's bathroom is shining right through his car-door ears. She loves them and she loves his jaw that quirks to the side and his grey eyes that reflect her giggling face. She's having fun. Oh, if only her roommates could see her now. Their innocent friend sloshing around with a rock star in a tub built for three?! Miracles DO happen, they truly do!

"You DID like the music, though?" he asked as his long, soapy fingers smoothed over her breasts, gently erasing all her memories of Fumble-Fingered-Fritz, her lousy first. "We've always put on a great stage show but the music's all new and..."

"I liked the music. I liked the beat of it," she assured him, a little amused by his insecurity. She found she liked his bare shoulders, too, and gently bit...getting a mouthful of bitter, peach-scented, soapsuds. "Bleah!" The bass-player laughed. Bass player? Oh, no, what's his name? Oh, god, what IS his name?! There was a surge of bathwater and he was deep inside her. It didn't hurt at all, oh, god, it was lovely. He thrust in again. "Oh, god, oh, god, ohgodohgodohGOD!" What was his NAAAAAAME?!

"Charlie. I'm Charlie. Lemme help you with that?"

"Ah, yeh, thanks." Oh, god, he didn't remember her. Well, he IS (was?) a rock star so that's...normal, she supposes. She let go one handle of the wheelchair, he grabbed it, and the two of them hauled luggage away from the wrecked fuselage. He was talking, rambling on really, and his eyes landed on her enormous belly. Charlie seemed pleased for her, not at all fearful that she was going to explode Baby all over the beach at any moment the way the other passengers were. He was flirting. She ducked her head and smiled down at the bulge in her middle. Should she tell him? Yes. Someday. NOT today, bad timing, but soon. Before Junior, with his own inexplicable set of jug handled ears, was born. Oh, god.

Together, they walked on, past debris, past people scavenging like rats and past bloody sand but Claire was suddenly happy. Miracles do happen, truly they do.



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